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Erscheinungsdatum: Januar 2005

ISBN: 9780743470339

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Verfasst am: 05.05.2010


  • 4/5 Sterne.

A story about two girls, their difficulties in life, destiny, bravery and the difficulty to find and identify true love.

Grace was just a teenager when Jimi broke her heart. But now she’s happy with her perfekt fiance Spencer. Even if it is a while since he’s mentioned actually getting married.
Meanwhile, Jimi’s own wedding day is just around the corner. He’s certain he’s found the one. Or has he? Because when he bumps into Grace again, it suddenly doesn’t feel right.
It looks like there could finally be something wonderful between them. But is it really worth risking everything for?
One thing is for sure – as the radio plays its late-night love songs – one girl is about to find out that the best lines can sometimes be the ones you write yourself…

A really funny book and hopelessly romantic. You can relate to the leading characters and find parallels between them and yourselfe.


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